“Hot Yoga”

    He comes in late and unfurls his mat too close to mine. During Salutation I hear his every breath. During Noose I see the sweat glisten on his shoulders and rivulet down his bare back. During Triangle he goes left while I go right and we form a half circle. During Corpse we lie side by side with our eyes shut and our minds open and I idly think this is the closest I’ll ever come to sleeping with a man who is not my husband.

     Then I open my eyes and think: maybe not.

Rita Ciresi

About Rita Ciresi

Rita Ciresi is author of the novels Bring Back My Body to Me, Pink Slip, Blue Italian, and Remind Me Again Why I Married You and the story collections Sometimes I Dream in Italian and Mother Rocket. She is director of creative writing at the University of South Florida and a mentor for the Bay Path University online MFA in nonfiction writing.

  • Glen

    As someone who’s always felt slightly inadequate because they couldn’t stick their leg behind their head to form a human pretzel (ouch!) this little story was a breath of fresh air. The reality check at the end was like snuffing out burning incense and waving away the fumes.