As an infant, Penelope spent a few nights in Saxon County hospital.  Her mother, Janice, feared...

Story of the Week

“The Baby’s Hunger”

Da's stagger did less damage than his swing. He rolled about the kitchen like a boat with a keel hole scattering dishes and clanging...

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“The Fish”

I asked my father about the fish. It was the only thing Mom didn’t take with her when she left us. We hadn’t talked about her all day,...

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Quick Flashes from Novels


Novel Flash: Yellow Jack

During my destruction of Daguerre’s studio I toppled his prized orchid from its windowsill. Coins pooled on the floorboards when its...

Looking for Advice from Agents?


Ask an Agent Series: Deborah Schneider

Deborah Schneider is a partner at Gelfman Schneider Literary Agents Inc. For this installment of our Ask an Agent Series, we asked...

Featured Essays


Not Myself: On Writing Other Perspectives

This never-ending debate came up several times in my MFA classes: can a writer write from the perspective of another race, gender, sexual...

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Praise for Flash Fiction International

“These 86 stories are thrilling, illuminating jolts of wisdom. They wake us to another reality.” —Samrat Upadhyay, author of...


What Are Editors Looking For?


Ask an Editor Series: Michael Griffith

Michael Griffith is the Fiction Editor at Cincinnati Review. For this segment of our Ask an Editor Series, we asked Michael what he...

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“A Review of Darrin Doyle’s The Dark Will End the Dark”

The Dark Will End the Dark by Darrin Doyle (Tortoise Books, 2015)  Darrin Doyle’s collection of stories, The Dark Will End the Dark, is...

Looking for Recommendations on What to Read?

Reading Lists: “Eight Great Writerly Novels”

The piece of writing advice that is always debated: "Write what you know." Naturally, if writers followed that advice every time...

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The Story Behind the Story


The Story Behind the Story: “Grow Grow Grow”

Once, in a reverie, I listened to the PJ Harvey song “Grow Grow Grow.” I sowed a seed Underneath the oak tree I trod it in With my...

Looking for Publishing Tips?


“Is It Possible to Teach Editing?”

I’m working on my syllabi for my fall classes. It’s always an interesting challenge.           I like...

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