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“Bad Oil Storm”

Word came in over the Bakelite® radio that an oil storm was headed our way, swirling up out of the oceanic petroleum fields to the...

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For ten smoky, stainless steel minutes once a month I got to talk to my father. The minutes started out deadly long, like a session under a...

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Quick Flashes from Novels

John Spurling

Novel Flash: The Ten Thousand Things

The times are turning bad again. I have been arrested for going to see a private art collection. Can you believe it? An old man of nearly...

Looking for Advice from Agents?


Ask an Agent Series: Laura Biagi

Laura Biagi joined the Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency Inc. (JVNLA) in 2009. She is actively building her own client list, seeking...

Featured Essay

“TV Watching Does Not Waste Writers’ Time”

As writers, we probably won't feel guilty about watching primetime television shows if we've written eight straight hours and...

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What Are Editors Looking For?


Ask an Editor Series: Jason Cook

Jason Cook is the Founding Editor of Fiddleblack. For this segment of our Ask an Editor Series, we asked Jason what he typically looks...

Recent Reviews


A Review of Praying Drunk

Praying Drunk by Kyle Minor (Sarabande Books, 2014) Does God exist? The question is either a non-sequitur or deeply important depending on...

Looking for Recommendations on What to Read?

Reading Lists: “Read 15 Amazing Works Of Fiction In Less Than 30 Minutes”

Twitter fiction and six-word stories have permeated the literary world, but the concept of telling very short tales isn't exactly new....

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Audio Readings from Our Authors

The Story Behind the Story


The Story Behind the Story: “Down at the Doll Plant”

"Down at the Doll Plant" was influenced by my time spent working in various factory settings and Larry Brown's novel "A...

Looking for Publishing Tips?


The Process of Publishing: An Exercise

When I teach my editing class, I always like to begin early with an exercise. The entire class becomes a publishing company, and we...

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