“Grapefruits and Oranges”

The ultrasound reveals a pooling of fluid along my C-section scar. There is a golf ball-sized polyp...

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“This Is What We Do”

We ride in vans. We knock on doors. We sell subscriptions to magazines. You’ve heard of these magazines. Would you like to buy a...

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I try not to stare, but their legs are so long. Tan limbs lingering in line as if highlighting their youth. As if macchiato is a recipe for...

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Quick Flashes from Novels


Novel Flash: Lila

The child was just there on the stoop in the dark, hugging herself against the cold, all cried out and nearly sleeping. She couldn't...

Looking for Advice from Agents?


Ask an Agent Series: Felicia Eth

Felicia Eth is a literary agent at Felicia Eth Literary Representation. For this installment of our Ask an Agent Series, we asked Felicia...

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“Keeping it Short and Sweet- Flash Fiction”

Flash Fiction: For Life On The Go Short stories have long held appeal to readers who lead busy lives. Many of the works of Charles Dickens...

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Huffington Post Reviews Far Beyond the Pale by Daren Dean

Few literary journals are as diverse and prolific as Fiction Southeast. The Louisiana based online journal founded by Chris Tusa and...


What Are Editors Looking For?


Ask an Editor Series: Hypertrophic Press

Lynsey Morandin is the Editor of Hypertrophic Press. Originally from Canada, Lynsey holds a degree and post-graduate certificate in book...

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Bill Clegg’s Did You Ever Have A Family: Interconnected Stories of Heartbreak and Hope

In an interview with The New York Times regarding the birth of his debut novel, Did You Ever Have A Family, Bill Clegg remarked, “I...

Looking for Recommendations on What to Read?


Reading Lists: “Eight Great Writerly Novels”

The piece of writing advice that is always debated: "Write what you know." Naturally, if writers followed that advice every time...

Conference/Residency Spotlight


“Ghosts in the Mountains: My Summer at Sewanee Writers’ Conference, 2014”

Let me start off by saying that I never wanted to go to Sewanee. Before I went there, I imagined being surrounded by a bunch of...

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The Story Behind the Story


The Story Behind the Story: “Okay But Will You Anyway”

First and foremost, this is literally how I proposed to my wife. Not as it happens in the story, of course, but by writing her the story...

Looking for Publishing Tips?


“Pages in the Hands of an Angry Editor”

Thanks Nathan Sturgis for the title of this week’s blog, and thanks Jonathan Edwards for the sermon that inspired...

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