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“(there’s no telling what would have become of me in the real world, but in the one we’ve created I live as a single in Hof teaching English)”

I didn’t have much else to do, so I tailed me. I wasn’t a difficult tail until I sensed the hairy guerrilla breathing down my...

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It was cold that night but it was the wind that bit. The wind and the wetness that would sneak into your socks despite waterproof boots. I...

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Quick Flashes from Novels


Novel Flash: Bring Up the Bodies

His children are falling from the sky. He watches from horseback, acres of England stretching behind him; they drop, gilt-winged, each with...

Looking for Advice from Agents?

Tracey Adams

Ask an Agent Series: Tracey Adams

Tracey Adams is the Co-Founder of Adams Literary. For this installment of our Ask an Agent Series, we asked...

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“Plugged in and Feeling the Fiction”

Imagine wearing a vest-like device while reading a book, so that when you come upon a scene brimming with heart-racing tension, the vest...

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Two Stories Selected for Inclusion in The Best Short Fictions of 2016.

We are happy to announce that two stories published in Fiction Southeast have been selected for inclusion in The Best Short Fictions of...


What Are Editors Looking For?


Ask an Editor Series: Hypertrophic Press

Lynsey Morandin is the Editor of Hypertrophic Press. Originally from Canada, Lynsey holds a degree and post-graduate certificate in book...

Recent Reviews


Joy Williams’ The Visiting Privilege: Stories for the Devastated

In a recent interview with The New York Times, Joy Williams was asked what she wanted to receive from a great story. Her reply was simple:...

Looking for Recommendations on What to Read?


Reading Lists: “Eight Great Writerly Novels”

The piece of writing advice that is always debated: "Write what you know." Naturally, if writers followed that advice every time...

Conference/Residency Spotlight


“Ghosts in the Mountains: My Summer at Sewanee Writers’ Conference, 2014”

Let me start off by saying that I never wanted to go to Sewanee. Before I went there, I imagined being surrounded by a bunch of...

Audio Readings from Our Authors

The Story Behind the Story


“The Story Behind the Story: “What We Were When We Drew What We Drew”

Gabe, the faceless character in my story, has actually lived in my brain for about forty years now. He’s mostly quiet, but I have to...

Looking for Publishing Tips?


“What’s Your Book About? How to Make a Pitch”

When my first novel was complete, I sent it to an academic press. (You could do that then.) The editor liked the book, but decided it would...

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